History of the conference

Originally created in 2010 under the name “Photonics Day” (Journée de la Photonique in French), the PhyBFC conference is a one-day conference organized by the association of PhD students of Dijon (ATCPB) and the OSA student chapter of Besançon. The initial motivation for this conference was to create a link between Master and PhD students in Photonics of the ICB laboratory in Dijon and the FEMTO-ST laboratory in Besançon.

Today, with the merge of the universities UB and UFC, this link is enhanced. Additionnally, joint projects (such as the establishment of the graduate school EIPHI) have led to an increase of the interactions in the physics teams. In this context, the Photonics Day has been adapted:

  • a new name, PhyBFC, which emphasizes the joint organization of this annual event;
  • an opening to a new and broad field of research, Nanosciences, which has significantly grown in both laboratories;
  • new logo, based on two symbols: the Owl of Dijon and the Citadel of Besançon;
  • a strategy of internationalization: the conference, originally in French, is now fully in English, allowing for the participation of all students and researchers of the laboratories.

The 2018 edition

The 30th of November, Friday, the new edition of the PhyBFC conference (and first edition under this name) will be held in the Faculty of Sciences Mirande, Dijon. The format will be similar to the previous editions:

  • 2 to 3 invited talks;
  • about 10 talks from PhD students of ICB and FEMTO-ST;
  • a poster session from PhD and Master 2 students.

Every researcher and non-participating student can register as “listener”. A (buffet) lunch will be provided next to the conference room.


The event will start Friday morning at 9 am. A print of the program will be distributed to the participants, and the full booklet can be downloaded here.
A free shuttle will drive from Besançon to Dijon in the morning (around 7:30 am) and back to Besançon after the conference (around 7 pm).

Registration & submission

Everyone coming to the event (even listeners) should follow the registration form here :

Registration form

To submit an abstract (after registration), please use this LaTeX or Word template. Please do not modify the format of the template (font, fontsize, spacing or margins). Then, follow the submission form:

Submission type*

(Authorized file formats: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .odt)

Contact: phybfc@atcpb.fr